Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims

1.Warranty Terms and Conditions

This warranty information relates to products purchased from this website only. If you have bought a Petimini branded product from a shop, please contact them directly. This is a different procedure, covered by separate distribution companies in each country.


We take great care to ensure our bikes are assembled in reputable factories using good quality components. During the design process our bikes undergo rigorous stress tests on the frame and parts in order to pass safety standards. A bike is made up of many small parts, sourced from different suppliers. We use quality control in each element of the assembly process.

Very occasionally a problem may arise which falls outside of the normal wear and tear and servicing cycle. That’s why we provide you, the original owner of your new Petimini bike, with a limited warranty.

Your Petimini  frames and forks is supplied with a lifetime warranty against material and workmanship faults. If it gets scratched from normal day to day use, knocked over, weathered from locking up outside, or damaged by impact, that’s not covered. The warranty is expressly limited to the frames and forks not incidentals or associated costs (for example, labour and postage). That said, we’ll always try to be reasonable and help out where we can with any issues.

Your Petimini  bike parts are covered with a 2 years  warranty against material and workmanship faults. However on a bike, even a Petimini bike, in normal daily use things will show wear. This wear is not covered by a warranty. Tyres, pads, cables, chains, grips and saddles (to name a few) are all ‘wear’ parts so they need to be looked after, kept clean and properly adjusted, and replaced from time to time.

Any part bearing branding other than that of Petimini Bicycles is covered by the warranty of that brand. This is a separate warranty. We can assist with direct claims to those parts manufacturers.

The most important thing to remember when discussing warranties is this: your bike is your responsibility and you must take reasonable care of it, and yourself, when riding it.


Please contact us with the full details of your warranty claim, including your order number and pictures to illustrate the issue.  Please note we will need to verify the nature of the issue; if this is not possible to verify remotely, normally the easiest way is by assessment at a local bike shop.


Some examples of how our warranty will be voided:

  • Neglecting your Petimini  (i.e. failing to love it as it deserves to be loved by cleaning and servicing it at regular intervals. This comes first for a reason)
  • Improper assembly (if you aren’t confident assembling your Petimini properly yourself you must use someone who is)
  • Modifying your frame in any way
  • Repainting or re-lacquering
  • Fitting incompatible parts
  • Using your Petimini  to carry too much weight (Petimini  painted racks can take 18kg,  Petimini silver alloy racks can take 25kg, so no you can’t give your mate a ‘racky’). The bike itself has a maximum rider weight of 95kg (that’s fully clothed with both shoes on and including any luggage you carry on your person).
  • Using your Petimini as a carrier of more than one person (other than a very small person in a properly fitted child seat)
  • Racing your Petimini 
  • Jumping your Petimini  (even down curbs)
  • For detailed information about how your warranty, please refer to the manual supplied with your bike.

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    PETIMINI was born with a vision of providing the most stylish design and highest quality products for babies and children.

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    Our Mission

    We are united with our customers through a shared love of aesthetics, freedom and fun. We design bikes for everyday life.

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